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Ankita Tiwana

Senior Associate

          Ankita has a master’s degree in psychodynamic psychotherapy from Goldsmiths, University of London and a diploma in integrative psychotherapy from Regents University, London. She has and continues to work extensively (with men and women) in the field of mental health related to pregnancy in London as well as India, with a diverse ethnic and socio-economic clientele. Her areas of interest also include self-harm, relationship issues, social pressures, self-image and psychosomatic illnesses in adults. Ankita was an integral part of a campaign that worked with the mental health of rural women and men suffering from domestic violence in India. Having been a professional athlete who competed at an international level for the majority of her life, she believes in looking at the mind and body as a whole, in constant communication with each other. Her profession has encouraged her to travel to various countries, closely interacting with people from multiple cultures and backgrounds. Due to this, her approach is culture conscious. Ankita believes in helping clients explore the various influences through their lives that are unique to each one, and that have shaped their personalities and thought processes, which could pose as a hindrance to living a fulfilling life.

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