is a Buddhist symbol which represents life’s path towards enlightenment. The bends signify life’s ups and downs, our own insecurities, our fears and our struggles. As the path unfolds, the mind finds clarity, represented by the straight line leading to the blossoming lotus.

Our Mission

To promote awareness, acceptance and growth through evidence based therapeutic interventions for psychological well being in a safe and inclusive environment

Our Vision

Building an inclusive and accessible society with evidence-based, quality psychotherapy.

How can We Help ?

Psychotherapy is a process in which you and the therapist discuss a variety of issues, events and experiences for the purpose of creating positive change so you can experience your life more fully. Participating in therapy may result in a number of benefits to you, including, but not limited to, reduced stress and anxiety, a decrease in negative thoughts and behaviours, improved interpersonal relationships, increased comfort in social and family settings, increased capacity for intimacy, and increased self-confidence.