Why Therapy?

We repeat what we don’t repair. Psychotherapy is an evidence based practice that helps people recognize and break patterns that are dysfunctional in their lives. We are not treating mental illness but rather we are treating dysfunctional coping mechanisms, trauma responses and subconscious programming.

Why should you consider psychotherapy ?


Research has demonstrated that most people who receive psychotherapy experience symptom relief and are better able to function in their lives, in fact, approximately 75% of people who enter psychotherapy show some benefit from it (Chorpita et al., 2011; Smith, Glass, & Miller, 1980; Wampold, 2001).

Psychotherapy has been shown to enhance wellbeing, adaptive behaviours, and have been linked to positive changes in the brain and body. These benefits also include fewer sick days, less disability, fewer medical problems, and increased work satisfaction. To get the most out of psychotherapy, approach therapy as a collaborative effort. Be open and honest, follow your agreed upon tasks and plan your goals with your psychotherapy.